Saturday, June 20, 2009

On My Mind

Just some random thoughts...

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou still sounds pretty good to me.

A lot of stuff we spend time on just isn't that important. Think reality TV, for instance.

Wonder what the world would look like if every boss was a trained coach.

You know you have done an OK job parenting when see your children spontaneously do a kindness for a stranger.

If you're over 35, stop saying "I'm trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up." You're doing it already. And if you don't like what you're doing, shut up and do something different.

It's possible to be tidy without being clean, and clean without being tidy.

You are the best expert on what makes you tick. Have the courage to be your own guru.

Happiness is not the absence of pain. Nor is it a reward for doing things right. You were born happy, and can return to happiness whenever you want by simply entering the slipstream of being.

My best summer memory has its own soundtrack.

Regardless of what you think, you are probably more than good enough.

Successful business strategy: Strive to serve repeat customers, rather than focus on one-hit wonders.

I am old enough to call anyone "darling" and "sugar" and get away with it.

Strangers are just people I haven't Twittered yet.

Looking back on my life, my single biggest regret may be that I didn't think up "Lady GaGa" first.

Democracy will always topple tyrants.

Remember when fashion was all big hair, big shoulder pads and big earrings? Someday, we'll look back at 2009 fashions and hoot with laughter, saying, "What was I thinking?"

The world is full of good people whose basic instinct is to help another person in need. I think you are one.

It is possible to re-wire your brain by examining your thoughts and changing them.

I have a great life. I'd say I'm lucky, but really it's more like I'm just letting the good stuff happen by staying out of my own way.

How about that?


Keisha said...

I like how you think! Every single thing in your post is the truth. The World according to Michele!

Sharon Wilson said...

I love your post! Dealing more on the more important things in life gives us a healthy mind and heart.